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About us

Relax is The #1 Adult Toy Store on the island of Curacao". The company is founded in a house garage in 2004 by a very creative woman with a lot of fantasies. By overcoming taboo's in a small community the business turn out to be very successful after launching an open storefront in 2008.

To help and understand the clients better, she studied the material in human sexuality and become a sex therapist, sexuality educator, relationship counselor, and life coach. And with her knowledge she educates her employees, so they can help up better by understanding your situation and desires.

We also educated our clients, we give them the right advice and information about the products that we carry. So when the client leaves the store, we make sure that they are satisfied with their purchase.  At Relax you don't just buy a toy, you gain experience.

Relax also provides workshops, lessons, and tips. 

We do bring the best toys, lubes and lingerie, and other fun items for the best experience at the best price.

With more than 16 years of experience, you can say that at Relax "The Adult Toy Store", you are at the right place to explore your sexuality and fantasies.

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